clouds ? blue? Dreams?

clouds ? blue? Dreams?

clouds ? blue? Dreams?

how is the heart beat, the grief and sadness of the earth,
clouds, white and silent clouds, I look at you at dawn
with tears in my eyes And I know that I’m pride, lust and
cruelty, and a grain of contempt For a dead sleep we
intertwine a mess, and my most beautiful paint lies
covered the truth. Then I lower my eyes and I feel the


whirlwind of what’s bothering me, burning, dry. Oh, how
terrible you are you are the guardian of the world, the
clouds! Let me sleep May I have mercy on me.

Let your eyes burn brightly and look at the emptiness
there, where the smoke from the earth is born and as the
ghosts somewhere dragged, and how they die in it.

listen to how emptiness in silence rings, like the echoes
of the funeral bells in the foggy sky they drown and every
second every chasing the murmur of tears of mourning and

Your names do not follow – – I know and die, which is
before me; stop us for one quiet brass, although you will
not go into the abyss with me. Though the bell stops
beating on the tower, long, far away the sound spreads



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